Creating several private fora's

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Creating several private fora's

Post by peterkroman on February 22nd 2016, 8:01 am

HI there,

I have just registered on Forumotions site, which means that I do not yet have a forum from Forummotion. I am a genealogist and I run a number of genealogical Facebook groups with +10.000 international members at the present time. Now I am in process of building a genealogy site which will work as a supplement and as an alternative to the Facebook groups and which offers more, and other facilities that the Facebook groups do. I am using RapidWeaver, Stacks 3, and Foundation to build my site, I am using the securitysystem Sitelok from Vibralogix, and right now I am using SMF from Simple Machines (which I have problems to get working correctly) as the general forum.

Just to set the corner-flags Smile

So, here is my question.

I am on my new site going to offer members a total private area in which the individual member can decide which other members should join, and which have a separate login and which is completely private and only accessible to this chosen group of members. This means that I have to build a private page for every member that wished to make use of this facility. On every one of these private pages I need to have a forum which meets the same demands of privacy, and my question is if this is possible to create within Forumotion.

I also need to know if I can integrate Forumotion on my pages through RapidWeaver's and Foundation's very well functioning off-site functionalities, which is the way I integrate applications on my site.

If you want to check out my new site (under construction) you have to register here:, and you can eg see how I have integrated SMF on the page Forum.

Hope to hear form you soon. Thanks in advance Smile

Best regards
Peter Kroman
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