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Victoria: Faction-based RP

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Victoria: Faction-based RP Empty Victoria: Faction-based RP

Post by Jayyburdd March 5th 2017, 8:21 pm

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Dear Recipient,

Congratulations on turning fourteen! We at the Victoria Starling Party are happy that you picked us as your political alignment for your time as a citizen in our great city and the country of Dunrowe! Though you cannot vote for another four years, we are confident in the loyalty you may show to us and the beliefs in which we exude!

Furthermore, we have selected your application in a random lottery. The following cannot be discussed with anyone, including your parents or police administration. Failure to follow this rule will result in you and those you contacted's brutal execution at the hand of the party judiciary. We thank you for your cooperation and are pleased to inform you of this exciting new opportunity!

Dunrowe is considered Mnemosyne's leading nation in democracy and civil freedoms. These are principles we hold dearly in the state government, and principles we've protected for years. However, while the parliament is voted on democratically by the people, the Prime Minister is well known to be a choice between the four parties of the nation.

Well, it is disheartening to inform you that we tried to reach a decision 100 years ago in the election of 2995. With a tie in the seats garnered by each party, one thing led to another. And well, traditions became traditions.

You have been chosen to join the Victoria Starling Party Task Force. Enclosed in the package before you is an LED wristband. Wear it around your wrist at all times. If you don't, your allies won't know who you are.

Your job is to help your fellow Task Force members capture checkpoints. Each district has one, the list being disclosed in your package. Gain control of a point, and that point is held by your party. The party that holds the most districts by election day has their Prime Minister candidate voted in.

This is a fight so that the Starling Party can push the correct beliefs forward and make Dunrowe the best nation on Kepler.

You may have noticed the weapon located alongside your wristband. Yes, it does fire projectiles; charged plasma. Yes, it can pierce skin.

You will be facing other parties out there. They will want the checkpoints too. They have their own candidates for Prime Minister too.

This is why you must drive off anyone with a red, orange, or blue glowing wristband. These are members of our rivals, the Luzon, Shearwater, and Weaver Parties. To uphold what are party needs and what the country deserves, these people must be stopped.

The projectiles your weapon shoots are purple, like the color of your wristband.

Do not reveal your wristband unless you absolutely have to, or else you will be killed by another party.

Election night is tomorrow. The day after, the checkpoints reset. This is the most crucial day of the election cycle. All the points will be up for grabs.

If you don't appear for registration tomorrow, we will kill you.

If you fail to appear for registration more than five times in your career, we will kill you.

If you tell anybody about this letter, we will kill you.

If you kill an opposite party member, the police won't apprehend you. They know best not to ask questions. But if you make too much of a scene of yourself, and if people start asking questions, we will kill you.

Thank you for choosing the Starling Party. We hope to become acquainted with you in your four year, two-election career as a member of our Task Force. We would like to inform you that due to rigid Child Labor Laws in the city of Victoria and the nation of Dunrowe, you will not be paid for your service, as this is illegal, and we uphold our laws very seriously in the Starling Party.


Sullivan S. Finch,
Executive Chairman of the Starling Party
Prime Minister of Dunrowe
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