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The United Empire of Ferrum

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The United Empire of Ferrum Empty The United Empire of Ferrum

Post by Ferrum Princeps July 6th 2017, 7:06 am

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The United Empire of Ferrum
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The United Empire of Ferrum is a virtual society type multi game gaming clan. We have a diverse selection of jobs and specializations. You could be a soldier and fire upon our enemies in PVP, a miner swinging his diamond pickaxe at ores to supply the empire, a commander shouting "phlanx formation!" in a heated PVP battle, a general planning an attack on an anemy clan, or even a politician shaping the empire. We are a true multi game clan that ranges from super cute kittyville all the way to death shooter ops, we have something for everyone. We have a milsim style PVP force complete with real world military tactics, commanders, generals, and a chain of command.
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