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[CSS] Adding style for Announcement and Sticky

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[CSS] Adding style for Announcement and Sticky Empty [CSS] Adding style for Announcement and Sticky

Post by SarkZKalie Wed 2 May - 15:23

Hello guys

1) By default, the whole content inside {topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_TYPE} variable will end by a colon ( : ) So, i write this tutorial to help you remove it without installing any javascript and one more thing it will work all version.

First of all, define your special text for announcement and sticky by browse to your Admin Control Panel -> General -> Mesages and emails -> Config. -> Define another name

In my case, I'll use content1 and content2.
Announcement : content1
Sticky : content2
Next step, search and locate {topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_TYPE} variable in topics_list_box template.
Replace it by
<span id="{topics_list_box.row.TOPIC_TYPE}"></span>
Last step, add this to your CSS
span[id*="content1"]:before, span[id*="content2"]:before {
     padding: 4px 4px;
     margin: 0 5px;
     border: 1px solid #999;
     border-radius: 2px;
 span[id*="content1"]:before {
     content: "new-content1";
     background: darkcyan;
     color: white;
 span[id*="content2"]:before {
     content: "new-content2";
     background: red;
     color: white;
[CSS] Adding style for Announcement and Sticky Untitl12

Note : You must have a sticky or announcement post at least, unless this tip won't work as expected
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