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Project Lied

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Project Lied Empty Project Lied

Post by Jayyburdd June 30th 2018, 6:20 pm

Choice of Category: Games and RPG
Choice of Title: Project Lied
Forum Address:
Main Language: English
Forum Description:

You wake up somewhere strange. You can't remember anything. The sky pulses and dazzles above.

Project Lied is a brand new site about trying to escape a virtual world. You wake up scattered somewhere in a strange world, and must find your way out of it with your fellow captees. The twist is that the key to escape is through music. You must find songs and play them in order to advance. Each character gets a weapon and instrument when they wake up, and both are upgradeable.

The RP operates through multiple universes, or realms, meaning each world is creatively and aesthetically different. There is a new RP experience every time you advance between them, and everyone advances together, so there is no one left behind. Recover your character's memories by earning Bits and using them to purchase Memory Eggs. As characters progress, they learn more about themselves and the nature of this "game" they were dropped in.

If you like Sword Art Online, animanga RPs, or a chill community, give us a try. Smile We're a modest group looking to last as long as we can with this neat idea of ours.

For more information, or to simply meet us, visit our Discord:
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Project Lied Empty Re: Project Lied

Post by Neko Overlord October 16th 2018, 11:29 pm

Your discord link is expired and guests can't advertise on your site despite you saying your advertisement section is guest friendly
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