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Information: The image hosting company TinyPic is closing its doors !

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Important Information: The image hosting company TinyPic is closing its doors !

Post by The Godfather September 13th 2019, 12:07 pm

TinyPic: Closing the service

Dear users,

We would like to inform you that the image hosting company TinyPic, widely used by our community, is closing its doors.

Since September 09, 2019, TinyPic has cut off access to all images hosted on their service and displayed on third-party websites. As a result, these images are no longer displayed on external sites and are replaced by a default TinyPic image informing that it no longer exists!

See the example:

Therefore, and in order to prevent Forumotion forums from broken themes or content, we have made an attempt to automatically retrieve and re-host all TinyPic images that are on Forumotion forums and can still be retrieved.

We have done everything possible on our side to avoid you the chore of having to manually retrieve and host these images. However, since TinyPic is an external service, we cannot guarantee that your images will be fully recovered.

At this time, if you still have default TinyPic images on your forum, it is because it was impossible for us to recover the original image and automatically replace it.

In this case, a case-by-case search in the Google cache or web archives services could help you find it to do the manual replacement yourself. We also advise you to log into your TinyPic account and save / re-host your images before they cut off all access to their service.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our partner remains a reliable, free image hosting solution for which Forumotion can guarantee the quality of the service and participate in its maintenance if necessary. Wink

Forumotion team

The Godfather
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