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Is it possible for people to have multiple ranks

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In progress Is it possible for people to have multiple ranks

Post by hypews May 26th 2020, 7:09 am

Technical Details

Forum version : #ModernBB
Position : Founder
Concerned browser(s) : Mozilla Firefox
Who the problem concerns : All members
When the problem appeared : Never, just a query
Forum link :

Description of problem


I am a founder level user. Is it possible for users to have multiple ranks. I have a staff member that wants his "Mod" rank and his other rank. I can only choose one rank from the dropdown of choosing a "Special Rank".

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In progress Re: Is it possible for people to have multiple ranks

Post by mSyx May 26th 2020, 8:36 am

Hey there,
There is no core function available for this on FM.

However, there is a basic trick for having multiple ranks shown:
from this post (Sir Chivas™):


Try adding this into the title of the rank:

<img src="URL" /><br><img src="URL" /><br><img src="URL" /><br> <img src="URL" />

You can create a new rank and insert multiple images in its content with the <br> tag between each of them.
The same can be done with text;
Rank 1<br>Rank 2

If you want to stylize each of your ranks with CSS:
<span class="rank1">Rank 1</span><br><span class="rank2">Rank 2</span>

You would then manage your ranks' styles within your forum CSS stylesheet:
.rank1 {
css here

.rank2 {
css here aswell

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