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Designate Moderators

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Designate Moderators Empty Designate Moderators

Post by Maxime April 15th 2008, 1:56 am

Designate Moderators

1. What is a moderator?

A moderator is a member who can use the moderation tools. Moderators can lock, move, split, merge and delete topics. They have been chosen by an administrator. If you want, the moderators of your forum can even ban members. They can moderate all of your forum or only specific sections; you have to choose for each of them.

2. How can I add moderators?

There are two different ways to add moderators on your forum. You can make a single member moderator or you can make a whole group moderator.

  • Make a single member moderator

  1. Administration panel
  2. Users & Groups
  3. Users
  4. Search Users
  5. Find a user or modify list order

    Designate Moderators Mod110

  6. User List Arrow Click on the future moderator's name

    Designate Moderators Ul10

  7. Permissions
  8. Check "Is moderator" (beside a forum's name) if you want Mister X to be able to moderate it.

Designate Moderators Fin110

  • Make a whole group moderator

  1. Create a GROUP in which you will add your future moderators
  2. Set the GROUP's PERMISSIONS exactly as you do for a single member. Check "Is moderator" (beside a forum's name) if you want Group X to be able to moderate it.

    Designate Moderators Fin110

  3. Add the members that you want to be moderators in the GROUP
    [ Almost everything about the groups is explained in this Tutorial ]

3. My moderators can ban members?

If you do not set your forum to allow them to ban members, they cannot. If you want your moderators to be able to ban members, just follow the instructions below :

  1. Administration panel
  2. General
  3. Froum
  4. Security
  5. Disallow moderators to ban members
  6. Set to "YES" respectively "NO"

Designate Moderators Modera10

[ End of the tutorial ]

If you don't understand this tutorial, if you still have some questions about moderators and/or if this tutorial does not answer to your question(s), do not hesitate to post a new thread in the support section.


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