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New year update :)

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New year update :) Empty New year update :)

Post by The Godfather January 9th 2007, 3:50 pm


Some changes have been made on the forums :

Arrow In order to improve the referencing of your forums, your main links have been rewrited. Naturally, your old links are still in function.

Arrow A new geolocation map is now available in beta version,

Arrow Improvement of your ChatBox
    Softer refresh,
    You can give ChatBox moderator status for a member,
    You can stop temporarily the automatic refresh,

Arrow Two new BBcode tags
    Arrow [rand]{begin},{end}[/rand] : generate a random number between {begin} and {end}
    Example :
    Random number (1,10) : 7

    Arrow spoiler tag : dissimulate a text which will be visible only after having clicked on "Spoiler".
    Example :

Note : if you have problems with javascript (specialy with the ChatBox), just refresh your page (F5 button) and/or empty your cache files.
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