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Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards

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Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards Empty Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards

Post by zakir321 July 26th 2008, 3:24 pm

Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards

bbCodes help you to format the written text in posts in an easy way, without having to bother with confusing HTML codes. You can center your text, make it appear in bold or in color, embed video clips etc... Most of the codes are available directly on the interface when you post or reply a message. Just click the appropriate buttons above your text-editor box. If the WYSIWYG-mode is enabled (Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards Switch_wysiwyg in the top right corner of your reply-box, highlighted in red), then your text will instantly adopt the bbCode. If WYSIWYG is disabled, the bbCode tags will appear in the textbox instead.

BBCode can be disabled by default in your profile by visiting the Preferences-tab there (Always allow BBCode). It can also be globally deactivated by the admins of a board by visiting "General / Forum / Messages & Email >> Allow BBCode".

Exclamation NOTE: If you don't see the bbCode buttons (for example: Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards Text_bold, Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards Picture or Basic BBCodes on Forumotion boards Color_swatch), then check your browser settings if you have javascript enabled.

Exclamation HINT: You can also use BBCode in most other parts of your forum as well, for example forum descriptions and portal blocks.

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