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Serenity Anime!

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Serenity Anime! Empty Serenity Anime!

Post by nankura August 23rd 2008, 2:21 pm

Serenity Anime!

Administrators: Nankura, Inouko, PhantomX
Moderators: Krell
Theme: A Community Based on Anime/Art/Games for fans to come by and chat, present there work to others, share, and build a group
Langauge: English , No other langauges are currently supported but may be in the future
Category: Games and RPG

Serenity Anime Features!:

- Chat box to keep in contact quickly with your friends on the forum without needing to send out a pm or email
- Quick reply's to topic, no neccessity to go through all the options of a reply
- Friendly Staff and a good setup allows for a safe and secure environement
- Soon a gallery
- Latest updates in JAnime and USAnime releases
- Free discussion and support for pictures towards games/Anime
- lovely skin to look at and skin will change monthly to keep a fresh look
- Fast and high levels of support from the staff
- Reviews on Games/Anime for your reading enjoyement


Currently the forum has just been started, so we are trying to build up the community so we ask you not be discouraged by the current member count and bring your friends!

We also ARE Hiring moderators, there will be no payment for a job like this so please dont ask, were after passionate anime lovers who wish to express themselves and help run an anime/game based com or add me to msn messenger

So come by and see us!
Click the link below!
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