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World Republic

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World Republic Empty Re: World Republic

Post by kenzu November 8th 2008, 9:44 pm

World Republic SWR-FLAG-50

Category: Art and Culture

Name: World Republic


Language: English
(with German, Russian, Spanish, French, and Chinese forums)

World Republic is for everyone who is interested Politics and political art. you will find links to socialist flash movies, music, and also many forums dedicated to culture and politics.

If you are interested in politics, want to understand why people act the way they act, what happened in history, how economics works and what makes the world go round, this is a place for you!

Learn about communism, socialism, social democracy, anarchism, environmentalism, liberal democrats, conservative republicans, authoritarian left-wing and authoritarian right-wing. Learn about the world!

Join one of our 9 political parties, rise to a chairman and beat the other parties in World Republic Elections!

Number of users 197
Number of topics 1.922
Number of posts 34.195

Socialist Paradise
Smile Kenzu Milagro

Republic Square
Smile Member introduction
Smile Political Profile
Smile Pioneer camp
Smile Hall of the Komsomol
Smile Serious Discussions For Komsomol
Smile Spamistan

Supreme Soviet of the WR
Smile Announcements
Smile Suggestions
Smile Legislation
Smile Voice of the People

State Security - KGBVR
Smile Police Station
Smile Justice comitee
Smile Voice of the People
Smile Anti-Spam Patrol
Smile KGB
Smile Secret Service Reports

Capitol of the World Republic
Smile Red Square
Smile Government owned TV Station
Smile Bolshoi Theater
Smile People's Library
Smile Pantheon
Smile State University
Smile Palace of Arts
Smile Monument to Heroes
Smile Siberian Gulag
Smile Family Home - for real life issues

Smile Politics
Smile World Republic Politics and Elections
Smile Communist Party of the World Republic
Smile Socialist Party of the World Republic
Smile Social Democratic Party of the World Republic
Smile Democratic Party of the World Republic
Smile Conservative Republican Party of the World Republic
Smile Anarchist Party of the World Republic
Smile Authoritarian Left Wing Party of the World Republic
Smile Authoritarian Right Wing Party of the World Republic

Official Languages of the World Republic
Smile Español
Smile Deutsch
Smile Русский
Smile Français
Smile English
Smile 中文
Smile 133+5P34|<

Smile Revolutionary Hall
Smile Anarcho-Syndicalist Union
Smile Green Guild
Smile Bonapartist Guild
Smile The Cold Wars - Comecon
Smile Mow Crij
Smile Hidden Archives
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