Group color in the "Who's Online?"

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Group color in the "Who's Online?" Empty Group color in the "Who's Online?"

Post by Caihlem March 25th 2007, 1:24 am

tutorial title

Creating the groups :

Creating a new Group

Arrow Admin Panel
Arrow User Admin & Group Admin
Arrow Group Admin
Arrow Group color in the "Who's Online?" Group210

Group color in the "Who's Online?" Group110

Group Color and Group order:

Group color in the "Who's Online?" Group310

1.: This is the color the name of members in the group will be in posts and theho's Online block

2.: Authorises or not the coloring of the group

3.:The Group order defines the order in which the grous are listed in the Who's Online block. When you put a person member of several groups, the group ( to wich he belongs ) which has a Group order closer to 0 will define his color.

How to put the group color in the "Who's Online?" :

a) Putting the color:

Admin Panel => General Admin => Configuration => Configuration

Colorized Usernames Enabled? : Yes

Group color in the "Who's Online?" Group410

b) Advice:

Before doing this, note that the "Administrators" and "Moderators" color will disappear, but you can put it back:

- By checking "No"
( or )
- By creating the "Administrators" and "Moderators" groups, and by putting your chosen colors.



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