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Forum Timezone & Language

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Forum Timezone & Language Empty Forum Timezone & Language

Post by Caihlem March 25th 2007, 12:51 pm

Forum Timezone & Language

How to change my forum timezone?

First of all, there are 2 different timezone settings to consider on your forum:
- The forum's default Timezone
- Your personal Timezone

Forum Timezone

This is the timezone set by default in members profiles. It's also the timezone used when non registered users see the forum.

Admin panel >> General >> Forum >> Configuration

Forum Timezone & Language Timezo10

Once again, this only sets the default timezone of your forum - all registered members (including the admin) can set a personal timezone. If the default timezone doesn't apply, you have to change the settings for yourself as well in your own profile:

Personal Timezone

When you are logged in, click on "Profile" on the top of your forum
Forum Timezone & Language Gotopr11

Click on "Preferences" tab, just above the frame.
Forum Timezone & Language Signat19

Go down and stop just before the Save button and choose the timezone according to your contry/area

Forum Timezone & Language Timezo11

Timezones according to your country/area - below are some examples.

For France / Germany
Summer time : GMT + 2
Winter time : GMT + 1

For Quebec
Summer time : GMT - 4
Winter time : GMT - 5

For Gouadaloupe (Caribbean Islands)
GMT - 4 (no summer time)

GMT + 1 (no summer time)

Written and updated by Katt
Updated by Sunny_D || 09. 07. '08

How to change the Forum language?

The language translates all important interface text on your forum and within your admin panel.

Changing it is almost the same procedure as above: Go in your admin panel to "General >> Forum >> Configuration" and find the option "Default language" there. You will find a dropdown list with all available languages on forumotion.

Exclamation As above, this only defines a default language - an individual member can always choose another one for himself. If the language setting does not apply, go to your own profile in the top navigation bar and further to the "Preferences" tab.

Forum Timezone & Language Gotopr11

At the bottom of the preferences you will find the drop-down menu for your personal language. Wink


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