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The Dream Team ~ Gaming Clan

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The Dream Team ~ Gaming Clan Empty The Dream Team ~ Gaming Clan

Post by DreamTeamLeader June 28th 2009, 3:44 pm

The Dream Team ~ Gaming Clan Tdt10

Welcome to The Dream Team

The Dream Team is a multi-gaming clan with great friends from all over the world playing. We just started and always looking to make new friends who will join us. At this stage we use ventrilo to speak and if you have xfire thats a bonus - at least we know when you online. We play games like CoD4, Warcraft III - DotA, Total War games and AoE. Pop in if you feel you want to try out. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Rules for new recruits:

Before joining you have to agree to certain terms.

Evilgummybear and myself are old school when it comes to how things should be.

Always have respect toward other players.
Always say GL HF (good luck have fun) before the start of a game - and GG (good game) for after.
Keep it clean
Keep it cool
Have fun and dont disrespect your clan mates.
They are all here to have fun and most importantly remember that we act as one.

So enjoy and good luck.
Should you wish to join please complete the required form in the post below.

The Dream Team ~ Gaming Clan Site

Clan Leaders: EvilGummyBear and CaesarRex - (Administrators)
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