The Twilight Roleplay

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The Twilight Roleplay

Post by Penelope Little on July 17th 2009, 3:07 pm


Title:The Twilight Roleplay.


Main Language: English

Theme: Twilight the book and movie

Purpose: The Purpose of the twilight roleplay is to join up as your favourite character or make one up and you roleplay as what your doing like:
im in the police station cause i was caught stealing a televison from one of the officers house i didnt know it was their house anyway im in a cell with this huy who keeps looking at me he get really angry at fullmoons i dont like to watch him i sit in my bed and stare at the wall untill meal time it all slimy food its discusting one day he looked at me with flames in his eyes he looked mysterious the full moon was tonight and he got really angry more angry than before he grew lots of hair and broke the chain that was on his foor and stared at me again the flames bigger and darker in his eyes the lighting stike outside and lighted up he room and the man was now a wolf man i screamed at the top of my voice hoping that someone would hear me.....

then another character responds to what's going on.

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Re: The Twilight Roleplay

Post by *Bella Cullen* on December 29th 2009, 7:37 pm

Title: The twiligth saga rpg


Theme: twilight the book and the movies

I created a twiligth saga rpg and would be really happy, if there were more players. If you are interested in it, please join it, or at least look at it.

*Bella Cullen*
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