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permissions for creating polls

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permissions for creating polls Empty permissions for creating polls

Post by corgettes September 15th 2009, 10:20 pm

i need to stop members creating polls .. i have looked for answer and found this..
Can I define who is allowed to cast a poll?
Yes, you can do that in your forum permissions as this is defined for each of your forums individually. Go to "General / Categories & Forums" and click on the forum you want to modify and switch then to the permissions tab. Eventually, you have to enable the advanced mode first. Now just mark the appropriate boxes for "create a poll" and "vote.
But when i follow this there is nothing relating specifically to Polls on my page..? nor do i see anyway to modify individual permissions for members..?

i have looked for other ways but find nothing here unless i have missed it..!!

please help .. i have a member creating too many polls..!!

many thanks..!!

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