HTML Page Update - Replacement Tool For Text

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HTML Page Update - Replacement Tool For Text

Post by Master Marc on January 6th 2010, 11:50 pm

Hello again,

Now, I have a new suggestion for our forumotion forums, Very Happy .

I suggest for a feature that can allow us to replace text from how much of our html pages as we wish.

I'll show an example below :

Kyle has about 100 html pages on his forum, but he did not spell "friend" correctly and he used that word on all 100 html pages. Now, this would look bad if his viewers reads his html pages.

So, he decided to use this feature to replace the incorrect work with the correct one. And with this feature, he automatically replaced the incorrect word with the correct one in under 30 seconds for all his 100 html pages. ( option to choose which page, or a select all option )

But, this feature can also allow us to replace a lot of text on an html page.

Example :

I have a list of links on 100 of my html pages, but I want to add more links to my list on every html page, knowing that all of my html pages have the same content ( links ) .

Now, I just add the text into the field from one of my html pages, and add my updated version of links ( with more links ) , then press the 'replace' button, and now I have my new updated version of links on all of my 100 html pages.

So, what do you think about this suggestion? It will be useful to certain people and will save them a lot of time instead of manually updating an html page ( example : 100 ) every time they have new links to more newly created html pages.

Please post some feedback and vote in my poll, Wink
Master Marc

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Re: HTML Page Update - Replacement Tool For Text

Post by Jophy on April 17th 2013, 6:18 am

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