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Paranormal Entity

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Paranormal Entity Empty proposal

Post by paranormalentity1 February 2nd 2010, 12:59 am

Paranormal Entity
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Choice of Category: Sciences & Knowledge
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: This forum was created for people all over the world to share their experiences

Administrator: Matt a.k.a Admin

Information about the forum:
The forum is only a few days old (as of 1st feb 2010). It was created out of the passion that i have for the world of paranormal entities. Here you can join and share your stories of your paranormal experiences.
Also there are sections for photographic findings, video findings and also EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) .
We also have whats known as a de-bunking section. This is where you can post your evidence and have myself or other members look at it with a keen eye for detail to try and figure out what it is thats in your evidence (providing you request us to).
**Please note that any and all photos, videos and EVP's must be owned by yourself or you must have copyright holders permissions to post**
Here are some screen shots of the forum

Paranormal Entity Pe1
Paranormal Entity Pe2

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