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Entire Topic Disappeared....

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Entire Topic Disappeared.... Empty Entire Topic Disappeared....

Post by GREENER March 11th 2010, 2:41 pm

I couldnt believe this at 1st... and i thought i was dealing with some1 completely cumputer DUMB person - (my skills are from outstsanding - but i mudull through)... my forum runs various types of Leagues for Online Gaming (MLB the SHOW - which is baseball game) - Each Topic on the main screen represents a different League - prospective members must post a reply in the League / Topic they wish to join....

the problem is that the 1 of the last (but not the last forum has DISAPPEARED) - This was 1st brought to my attention by Sony's Forum members (where i advertise via messages about my League and the forum i run) - a prospective player interested in a paticular League / Topic that i recommended specificly - flat out said that he went to the message board - and that League / topic was not there... I just didnt believe him - under my adminstrators id i clearly see it as plain as day... I re-iterated the instructions to him - and again he respeonded that he couldnt see it...

My curosity was peaked - so yesterday i made an alternate email and created a secondary id for my froum.... sure enough the League / Topic the player was asking about was there... HOWEVER; this morning i logged onto the site inadvertainly with this newly created alternate user name - AND THE LEAGUE / TOPIC IN QUESTION WAS MISSING!!! - i switch to my Administrators ID and its there!

This is completely disconcerning - for the past week i have been on the official SONY website - promoting the new LG at every opportunity that i have had (and despite the other Leagues / Topics being HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL - this particular LEAGUE / TOPIC HAS FAILED TO GARNER ANY SUPPORT,,, and i now understand why - NOBODY CAN SEE IT! CHECK FOR YOURSELF - the link to my forum is above and the League / Topic i am refferring to is click here to enter:Aug17 NON-DRAFT Online LG (it has a picture of a T-shirt as its emblem)...

What is the reason for this problem? is it because i am using the "free" / non-professional version of the forumotion message baord? perhaps i inadvertainly changed a setting when i created this League / Topic? ... I AM DESPERATE TO MAKE THIS RIGHT my network of Online Leagues will not be able to grow until i can solve this issue - dozens of players would be displaced by this...- PLS HELP ME WITH THIS - I TY IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL SUGGESTION OR POTENTIAL SOLUTION U MAY HAVE REGARDING THIS

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Entire Topic Disappeared.... Empty Re: Entire Topic Disappeared....

Post by MrMario March 11th 2010, 11:25 pm

You must have the permissions not set up right as if you can see it as admin but can't see it as a member.

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