Exclusivity Forumotion.com - Adopt the phpbb3 version!

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Exclusivity Forumotion.com - Adopt the phpbb3 version!

Post by The Godfather on August 29th 2007, 11:49 am


Exclusivity Forumotion.com - Adopt the phpbb3 version!

We have the pleasure to make available to all our members the new version 3 of phpbb. Now you can:

- In the tab style admin, you can at any time jump from the phpbb2 version to the new phpbb3 version.

- Colors and images of a personalized style don't change.

- You can restore at any time your personalized style.

- You can always edit the CSS. The new phpbb3 version, corresponding in the standards of Web, offers more possibilities via the edition of the CSS.

- Your personalized Emails.

For the administrators having a forum with a personalized domain name, henceforth it’s possible:

- To create 10 emails accounts and 10 redirections (Management of emails boxes).
- Consult and send its e-mails by Web e-mail.

- Use your own domain names

For the administrators having their own domain name, it’s now possible to use this domain name (or sub-domain) for your forum. For more details, see your administration panel in the General administration section, then Forum address.


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