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Ancient Times of China!

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Ancient Times of China! Empty Ancient Times of China!

Post by marvin_silent25 April 21st 2010, 12:06 pm

Ancient Times of China

Ancient Times of China! Pbucket

Ancient Times of China! Pbucket

Choice of Category: Games & RPG
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: AToC is a great site that brings no limit to your imagination. RP in the ancient times of China and choose your side. There are many lists of creatures you can be and many places to go to.You can be a dragon, a fiend, a human, anything goes! The Forum's purpose is to preserve the ancient times of China and communicate to other people, and at the same time you can make friends by joining this.

Officials of the Forum

Administrators: ~*Zhandouji Heping*~, Ige Hong Toufa, Kaira, Hayato
Moderators: Jiang Wei
RPG MODS: ~*Zhandouji Heping*~, Ige Hong Toufa, Kaira, Hayato, Jiang Wei

The Fiction Groups

Yellow Dragon:  ~*Zhandouji Heping*~
Azure Dragon: Jiang Wei
Vermillion Bird: Ige Hong Toufa
White Tiger: Kaira
Black Tortoise: Zhao Yun
The Fiends:
Meiren Yu:


ExclamationBasic Site Information
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Arrow Site Rules
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ExclamationCreation Center
Arrow Character Creation
Arrow Weapon Creation
Arrow Ability Creation
Arrow Di Yu
Arrow Kunlun
Arrow The Great Sea
Arrow Haodifang
Arrow Fenli Shan
Arrow Zagao de Difang
Arrow Dazu Rock Carvings
Arrow The Great City
ExclamationFeeback and Suggestion
Arrow Feedback
Arrow Questions
Arrow Staff Room (Can Only be seen by the Staffs)
ExclamationGraphics Center
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Ancient Times of China! Pbucket

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