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Rank Requests

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Rank Requests Empty Rank Requests

Post by GoohomeET May 23rd 2010, 1:45 pm

Nature of the creation : Rank Image
Creation size (in pixels) : 100px × 32px
With or without animation : Without
Background color : Matching this skin without the star:
Picture(s) link(s) : Like above
Text to insert : 1. "Yamaguchi" 2. "Chornaya Bratva" 3. "La Vice" 4. "Surenos 13"
Link to the font to download : Will be specified in extra comments!
Font color : Yamaguchi - red, Chornaya Bratva - black, La Vice - black, Surenos 13 - cyan
Link of my forumotion forum :
Extra comments : This is like an addition to my other rank request that is already finished. I want them to be just like those ones that are on the second post of Matei. Thanks!

EDIT: Added one more rank. Thanks again!

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Rank Requests Empty Re: Rank Requests

Post by Matei May 23rd 2010, 7:32 pm

Rank Requests CorbeilleYou already have one open request so I'll close the topic now.
=> Locked & Moved to Garbage.

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