Welcome To The-EN!

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Welcome To The-EN!

Post by Guest on June 30th 2010, 4:58 am

# Choice of the category: Miscellaneous - Although this forum is about technology, it provides a lot more than that.

# Title: Welcome To The-EN.com! (Slogan: Discuss & Discover more.)

# Forum address: http://www.The-EN.com/

# Main language: English

# Forum description: This forum focuses on technology enthusiast, hardcore gamers, music lovers and generally everyone else! It offers you everything about technology from software, hardware, technology updates and news, gadgets such as iPods and futuristic technology devices. Everything gaming for all consoles (Sony, Xbox, Nintendo) & PC gaming, including our flash games forum where you can actually play games directly on the site! We also offer a wide variety of music genres to listen to including a radio on our homepage! We also promote real upcoming music artist to help them reach success. This forum will offer you a wide variety of everything you can think of, you wont want to leave. Join us today! Smile

* NOTE: People who are younger than 14 or older than 100 years of age will not be allowed to register on this forum.


--- Rank ------ Requirement --- --- Description ---
EN Admin Administrators The Leaders of EN
EN Mod Moderators The Co-Leaders of EN
EN Artist Music Artist The Musicians of EN
0 Post The mere mortal humans of EN
EN Test Subject 10 Post Become ENs Test Subject
EN Activated 50 Post You are now activated
EN Prototype 100 Post You are now developing into a machine
EN Cyborg 200 Post Part Human, Part Machine
EN Android 300 Post Full Machine but still appear human
EN Robot 600 Post Test Complete. You are now a Robot
EN Terminator 800 Post Evil Robot Terminator of EN
EN Transformer 1000 Post Even stronger you can now transform as a a robot
EN Elite 1500 Post You are now a superior. The ultimate elite machine of EN.


The EN Board
Arrow Rules
Arrow Important Information [Registered Members Only]
Arrow Introduce Yourself Here!
Arrow Members Lounge [Registered Members Only]
Arrow Suggestions
Arrow Questions
Arrow Elite Forum [Only visible to Staff and Elites]
Arrow EN Staff Board [Only visible to Staff]

Technology Universe
Arrow Technology News
Arrow Software [Registered Members Only]
-Request Software
Arrow Hardware
Arrow Apple Products
Arrow Sound Devices
Arrow Cell Phones
Arrow Cameras
Arrow Televisions
Arrow Future Technology
Arrow Other Gadgets & Gizmos

Game World
Arrow Sony
-Playstation Games
- -Playstation Glitches
-Playstation Home
- -Playstation Home Clubs
- -Playstation Home Glitches
Arrow Xbox
-Xbox Glitches
Arrow Nintendo
-Nintendo Handhelds
-Nintendo Glitches
Arrow PC Gaming
-PC Gaming Glitches
Arrow Forum Games
Arrow Flash Games
Arrow Other Games
Arrow Machinima
Arrow Game Discussions

Arrow Songs [Registered Members Only]
- -Hip Hop
- -Rock
- -Pop
- -R&B
- -Jazz
- -Dubstep
- -Spanish
- -Reggae
- -Classical
- -House
- -Trance
- -Techno
- -Country
- -Game Soundtracks
Arrow Albums [Registered Members Only]
Arrow Lyrics
Arrow Music Discussion
Arrow EN Artist - Promote Yourself
Arrow EN Artist Collaborations

General Board
Arrow Current Events
Arrow Conspiracy
Arrow Movies
Arrow Sports Center
Arrow Comedy
Arrow TV Shows
Arrow Anime
Arrow Food Network
Arrow Arts & Craft
Arrow Animals
Arrow Rant & Rave [Registered Members Only]
Arrow Everything Else

**Screenshots taken on December 20th 2010**


Homepage Screenshot

Forum Screenshot

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Improvements made

Post by Guest on July 7th 2010, 3:46 am

Hello all, go to the site and check out the Electronic Network News section! The site has recently got a nice update and improved look. Come check it out Smile

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New rank & Category

Post by Guest on July 8th 2010, 9:20 pm

Added the graphic artist group and a new forum titled "Future Technology"

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Earn Forum Money!

Post by Guest on July 10th 2010, 10:52 pm

You will notice on your profiles & in the messages you make you will see something that says "Cash" in green text a bit under your avatar. This is how much you're worth on this site.
  • You earn $1 for every post you make.
  • $2 for every friend you make on the site.
  • $3 for every topic you make.
  • $5 for every day you been a member since registration.
  • You will also receive a donation of XXX amount of money for any contributions you make on the site. This includes a real money donation to the site, for example if you donate $10 to the site, you will earn $1000 in site money, $20 is $2000 and so on. Also this includes contributions such as helping to improve the site & its appearance, creating helpful topics, giving awesome suggestions that are possible and not too unrealistic and helping to make those suggestions possible, etc..

Hmm.. Will you be the richest member of Electronic Network!?

I will be adding more to the site that will allow you to use your money for special privileges! For example...
  • You can cash in $200 and make a topic you created a sticky!
  • For $1,000 you can change your own color for 30-90 days!
  • For $2,000 you can ban another member for X amount of hours! (lol)

And much more... This is still in the making but expect the forum fun to begin soon >=]

*Note: Money is not real, it's strictly for fun and is considered forum money. Values listed above are examples only and are subject to change once the forum game is completed.


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New Rank Images & Warning Levels

Post by Guest on July 10th 2010, 11:02 pm

  • The site has been updated with new rank images, check it out! Click Here!
  • The site has a new warning level system, learn more about it in the Electronic Network Rules section. Click Here!
  • On the Homepage, scroll down to the bottom, on the right side of the page you will notice a "Follow us on twitter" image. Click this image and it will take you directly to our twitter page for all you to join us on there too! I will also be adding a facebook, myspace, youtube, etc.. link to follow us at as well. We'll soon be everywhere! Smile
  • Also on the Homepage, you will notice above the twitter link, a new message box! In this box, anyone from members to guest may leave a message on the site! Whether you want to give a shout-out about how awesome the site is or you just want to say Hi, we'll be looking forward to reading what you have to say Smile
  • The Electronic Network Public Chatbox icon has now changed from the 3 people image into this: located next to the 'Log out' button on the navigation header. Click on it and you will be transferred in a separate window to our Public XAT Chatbox for all to enjoy! There we have a radio station playing, you can have fun with the chatbox games, post youtube videos, draw and watch others draw, use a translator that literally translate everything you type into the language you select along with its proper characters like Japanese text! All this and much more, go check it out!
  • A new contact field has been added. You can now add your Youtube channel that will display a link on your profile for all to see!

Enjoy the update!

**Edit: A follow us on Myspace button has been added next to the twitter button Smile


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New Categories 7/12/2010

Post by Guest on July 13th 2010, 7:38 pm

The music section is growing! Therefore there is now 12 genre categories under songs for you all to view and post in! Click Here!
The genres are as follows:
  • Hip Hop
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Dubstep
  • Spanish
  • Classical
  • House
  • Trance
  • Techno
  • Country
  • Game Music

* Also there is the new Machinima forum located in the General Board category. This category is really cool and will grow big soon. Click Here!
* In the game section there is now a place to post about all other games like board games cross word puzzle, sudoko etc.. in the "All Other Games" Section. Click Here!
* Lastly, under Gadgets & Gizmos there is now a forum for Apple Products which you can talk about ipods, ipads, itouchs, macs.. etc.. Click Here!


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Title Changes

Post by Guest on July 13th 2010, 10:59 pm

2 Ranks have been title changed.

Pre-member title is now Newbie
Electronic Newbie is now Electronic Prototype


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Color changes

Post by Guest on July 15th 2010, 4:18 am

The colors of the ranks Electronic Member, Electronic Regular, and Electronic Active have swapped and changed colors. See OP for correct colors


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Flags Of The World Have Arrived!

Post by Guest on July 18th 2010, 12:15 am

I have put 30 of the most common world flags in your profiles to select from. By default, everybody will have the United States flag. You may of course change that to put your own flag at anytime by clicking 'Profile' on the navigation header and scrolling down to choose the flag of your choice. Click save and thats it! Your flag will be represented to everyone who looks at the messages you post under location where your avatar is located. Enjoy!

**By the way, if you're flag is not on the list, please send me a message or post in here the flag you are requesting and I will added to the list of other flags no problem Smile thumleft

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Share your Myspace, Facebook & Twitter pages!

Post by Guest on July 18th 2010, 12:16 am

I have added 3 more contact fields in the profiles to share your Myspace, Facebook & twitter pages on. Have fun and enjoy more customization!

Also a Youtube channel contact field Smile


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Re: Welcome To The-EN!

Post by moldy on July 21st 2010, 11:30 pm

Would you be willing to a Link Exchange? I am from "The Mold" and one of our focuses are video games and technology and I think that would go well with your site. Please PM me on my forum, I don't come here often but I will try.



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Follow Us On. . .

Post by Guest on August 16th 2010, 8:51 am

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Youtube!

You may now follow EN on our Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Youtube
pages. Simply click on the images above that will re-direct you to the
appropriate page. Enjoy! Smile

Go to the Homepage and you will see Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Youtube images.

Click these images to go to the respective page, there is where you can add us as friends with your own personal Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Youtube accounts!

I shall be joining other sites to branch out EN, and then I will link you all to those sites as well. Have fun and join us everywhere on the internet! thumleft

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Glitch Forums Added to Game World Category!

Post by Guest on August 16th 2010, 9:10 am

I have added a few more forums inside the Game World category. They are as follows:

  • Playstation Glitches
  • Playstation Home Glitches
  • Xbox Glitches
  • Nintendo Glitches
  • PC Gaming Glitches
Enjoy viewing and posting all kinds of glitches from your favorite games!


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Jazz & Reggae Genres Added

Post by Guest on August 21st 2010, 11:59 pm

Added 2 more music genres: Jazz & Reggae. Join the site to check them and enjoy more variety of music to listen to! Smile


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New Homepage Layout + Link colors

Post by Guest on August 26th 2010, 9:40 pm

I have modified the Homepage so that it looks better and loads up better for people with 4:3 monitors, the Homepage no longer seems "stretched" out or too wide.

Also I have changed the links color, it is now orange, all links on the site can now be more visibly easier to notice making your experience flow better on the EN forum.

Have fun and don't forget to register! Smile


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New Domain Name!

Post by Guest on September 4th 2010, 7:26 am

We are pleased to announce our brand new and 10x easier to remember domain name.
Please visit us now at www.The-EN.com
This new name affiliates with our site already and its nice and short for guest to remember and come on back to sign up.
Enjoy! Discuss & Discover more.


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New additions on The-EN - 10/3/2010

Post by Guest on October 16th 2010, 10:06 pm

Hello everyone!

If you haven't noticed by now, The-EN has gotten some changes done. The changes or new additions that have been made are the following:

  • The ranks no longer start with the word "Electronic", they now start with "EN". Example: EN Regular, EN Active, etc..
  • The game category is being more properly organized. Everything is in alphabetical order. When you click on "PlayStation Games" you will notice there is a letter for every game that begins with that letter. If you wanted to look up 'Mortal Kombat', you will have to click on "M" and look for Mortal Kombat.
  • In addition to the better organized 'Game World' category, each game topic (or most of them) will feature a box art or poster/wallpaper image of the game, a brief description of the game, a release date(if available) and a trailer of that game.
  • In addition to the PlayStation Home updates being located on every Thursday of the calendar, the Calendar will also now display the release dates of every game for every console (a work in progress) so but clicking the calendar, you can see what games are coming out this month, next month, and so on. By click the game on that day, you will be redirected to the topic of that game which will show you the box art, description, release date and trailer video as mentioned above.
  • The site is now focusing more on the name "The-EN", rather than "The Electronic Network". As a result, you will notice some changes around the site that now refer to things as "The-EN". An example being the ranks and the "Electronic Board" is now "The-EN Board".

In other news, we have a new EN Artist named Dixie Blaze who sings R&B and Pop music. She is very talented and suggest everyone hit up the EN Artist section and check out her music!

Thats all for now, be sure to stay tuned as the site grows, progresses and gets more organized making it easier for everyone to navigate. Discuss & Discover more. Only on The-EN.com sw00t


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The-EN.com Forum Awards!

Post by Guest on October 16th 2010, 10:07 pm

I will be giving awards to members who have completed different task on The-EN.com
This is a work in progress...

Awards will be given as a badge graphic image on your profile for all members to see Smile
The following task must be completed and then members will be awarded every 3 months.

  • #1 Most Active Member [Visited the site, used the chatbox often and posted frequently within 3 months]
  • #1 EN Artist [Got the most ratings as an EN Artist within 3 months]
  • Top Music Contributor [Posted the most music within 3 months]
  • Top Poster [Posted the most topics/post within 3 months]
  • Top Software Contributor [Posted the most useful software topics and links to download within 3 months]
  • Top Comedy Contributor [Posted the most funny topics in the comedy section within 3 months]
  • Top Graphic Artist [Posted the most custom graphic images within 3 months]
If members complete these task within every 3 months of this topic, that member will win the badge award(s). Yes members can win multiple awards. Have fun, stay active and start winning some awards!!

January 9th 2011 makes 3 months passed this topic and awards will be given on that day, be sure to be active to win these awards Smile


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The-EN Search Engine!

Post by Guest on December 21st 2010, 2:27 am

The-EN.com features a search engine! Why have Google, Yahoo or Bing open when you can enjoy our Chatbox, forums and awesome content all while browsing the internet from the SAME site! Check it out here: Click Here!


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EN Update Notes 12-23-2010

Post by Guest on December 24th 2010, 9:34 pm

Wassup EN!

I have updated the forums appearance and modified the chatbox and the ticker (scrolling text) on the page as well. Here are the update notes:

  • The categories have been reduced from 8, into 5. The ones that have been removed are:
    - EN Artist (Moved into the Music Category.)
    - News (Technology news moved into Technology Universe. Current Events moved into General Board.)
    - Computer Universe (Software & Hardware moved into Technology Universe.)
    - Gadgets & Gizmos (Everything moved into Technology Universe.)
    - Mature Talk (Conspiracy moved into General Board. All other forums are deleted. However... All the topics moved into Everything Else forum in the General Board category.)

  • The new Categories are:
    - Technology Universe (All technology forums and topics has been moved into this category.)
    - Music (Everything music on EN has been moved into this category, including EN Artist. A new forum has been created called "Music Discussion" to talk about music and news related to he music industry.)

  • The Chatbox no longer loads on EN as a separate frame. This means loading times have reduced. Also the Chatbox does not appear on all pages of EN, also improving loading. Currently it only displays on the Forum page. You can click the word "Chatbox" to have the Chatbox open in its own separate tab or window. This allows you to view the Chatbox while being anywhere on EN.

  • The ticker (scrolling text) is now being displayed on all pages of The-EN.com. It also moves a lot smoother and the ticker stops scrolling when you hover your mouse over a link on it, allowing you time to click the link.

  • New Rank system, less colors. Makes the site look more clean and easier to spot members from staff on EN.
    More info Click Here!

I Hope you all enjoy these modifications. It allows EN to operate a lot more smoothly and load faster. The adjustments on the Forums and Categories has made it more effective to browse content on EN. Everything is more easier to find now with the way it has been categorized. Discuss & Discover more, only on The-EN.com! Very Happy


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