Problem with Navbar

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Problem with Navbar

Post by Calrich on September 12th 2010, 8:26 am

Ok I am useing ¨Velvet .Surface by quierra and since the buttons on the navbar are not what I want I made new ones. The Problem is the buttons that come with the theme are 80 x 22 and mine are 80 x 24. Now the new buttons I added to new pages show as 80 x 24 but when I try to chage the buttons that are already there they keep resizeing to 80 xd 22. How can I chage this so that the buttons are the size I want of 80 x 24? Also and this may be the problem if I remove my image and look there button is stll there. So there Navbar has to be someone diffrent then the fourms navbar. Any Help Please?

If you look at the home and play now button they are bigger then the forumes button and on the Calender button I have removed the that they had and you can still see there button under it

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