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Post by DigitalCyanide on September 29th 2010, 5:27 am

Hello all, hope you are well.
I really was not sure how to post the topic.
I was wondering of there's a code ( CSS or HTML ) or a way to keep some boards from certain members. I have a forum I have added HTML pages to make a site for people to download things ( NO! not music or any of that! ).
I am trying to figure out a way where even members have to make at least one post to be able to download my products. I have looked in here at many boards, forums, and posts, and this seems to elude me, as I just can't find anything on this topic, so I registered here to try and get help.
I work alot in digital and 3D art. I make my own work, and want to find a better way to track who's doing what in my forum/site. I can look at my file host and see how many downloads, but I have no way to keep track of members who do not make a post in Forumotion.
What I'm trying to accomplish:
Upon registering, a member ( defined as say, "New" ) cannot see links until they make per-say 10 posts.
After that, they auto enter the new group ( defined as "Member" ) and have access to see the links.
I hope I made this clear as to what I am asking, and I really hope someone can help.
Thank You

PS: Forgot, just in case, here's my site addy:


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Post by Vlajki on September 29th 2010, 11:40 am

Go to Admin panel > users and groups > Group administration > Make new group > Fill the form and when you see this Group auto-subscribe> Put YES
After that put below number of posts you want for that users to see ( example: If you want people to post 10 posts before they can see the board for download, put 10)
When you finish that, go to that board for downloads permissions and tick the box of the group you made. Then, all the users from 10+ posts will have access to that boards.

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