Lagging Issue! [Now for more people]

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Lagging Issue! [Now for more people]

Post by PlatinumWata on December 24th 2010, 2:12 am

I experinced this lagging issue on my forum, where it takes 2 minutes to post a message in chat box, and on forum, and it loads in 2 minutes when you refresh...

Now, its fixed for me, and 2 other members are experiencing it. They cleared their cache, isnt their internet either, as they can go on any other website fine....

Also the forum goes slow for me every hour or two....

What can I do to stop this????? It can be fine for some people, but not fine for others.

Now, noone can even loads the forum!

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Re: Lagging Issue! [Now for more people]

Post by kirk on December 24th 2010, 3:09 am

well everthing seems to click and load for me pretty fast.
It can depend on a lot of things. everthing from someones computer speed. to what browswer they are useing, you service provider,how much content is trying to load.

So i would start by just telling everyone to make sure their computers are up to date, and run scans to make sure there is not a lot of ad-ware,spyware,malware that may be slowing it down.. perhaps defragment if that has not been done in a while.. and most important try a different browswer if it's going to help.

Other then that is it something on forumotions end? may be there are a lot of people on one of there particular servers at once??? it's hard to say.

That's about all i can think of now.. if it keeps continuing just cam back here.
And one of us staff can log in with a test account if you choose to create one to see how the performance is on our end?

But you know computers you have to keep up on them. and people that may have older computers or slower service providers, all you can do is keep it updated and be sure you do not have stuff getting in that couple slow it down.
People can have a lot of things running that they are not even aware of and that can slow things down.

alt>control>delete at the same time to bring up there task manger to make sure they do not have a lot of things running they are unaware of running.

and oh and when your page is loading look at the bottom of the page and see what it loading. like on IE and FireFox it usually comes up saying wating for to load. or something like that?

the other day i had a friend that used a really bad snow code. his site would not load for nothing. and it kept saying on the bottom of the page it was waiting for this site to load.. so i googled it. and it came out to be a place with a lot of different java codes etc.. so i sent him a message and ask if he was useing any kind of code form that site because your site is very slow.. come to find out. yeah he was useing a code from that site and as soon as he removed it the site was fine.

So i am not saying that is whats wrong with yours only that it could be a lot of things, so kind of a hard question to answer.

You can try running a debugger and see if anything out of the norm comes up with that, but some of the debuggers can be more then a headache then it's worth.. lol

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