Could I have some help please?

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Could I have some help please?

Post by ThomasCo on January 11th 2011, 2:01 am

I changed my forum yesterday from PBB3 to PBB2 as I like the layout of PBB2 more.

A couple of minor problems.

In the quick reply window there are icons missing. I did want an icon for the smiley button. The others are just lines with no icons, but can be clicked on which then take you to whatever you clicked on - for example the last clear bar is smilies. You can see my quick reply window here:

Other problem, one of my moderators can't post on people's walls. She says that in visitor messages there's no option for 'newtopic'.

People can post on her wall, but she can't post on other people's. Do you know why this is happening to her only?

Thank you. Smile


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Re: Could I have some help please?

Post by Raze on January 11th 2011, 2:22 am

Ok heres what you have to do go to the site not in APC but on the site
Go here
a little down it says
Allow visitors messages on my profile : All members My friends Nobody Hide this tab

You pick All members
if you want every member to have it that way your going to have to tell them to change it of you can

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