We have a hacker.......

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We have a hacker.......

Post by Demon of the mist on January 31st 2011, 7:41 am

Hello I am Demon of the Mist, a Admin on Naruto forum rp site. Our site is a lot fun and has some great members. But we now have a member who was once a Admin terrorizing the site. He began removing other admins and baning them.(With their IPs) Once he was no longer an Admin because of this. He began hacking the form and removed all the admins except the owner. Now he trolls our chat-box and tells us we all should apologize to him. He also has continually hacked into accounts sending pms from one person to another. Saying things like "F*** you, you are the worst admin every." But the worst part about it is we have banned, him and 2 of his IPs. Yet he keeps coming back! We seriously have nothing left to do. He constantly gloats and threatens us that he could delete the whole site. We need help!

I will check this thread everyday for responses. This is seriously killing our site!

Thanks, Demon of the Mist

Demon of the mist
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Re: We have a hacker.......

Post by Jophy on January 31st 2011, 11:20 am

Hello Hello and welcome.

Hello Because you are new, here are useful links where you can look for answers :

Arrow General Rules
Arrow Frequently Asked Questions
Arrow Tricks & Tips
Arrow Forumotion TOS
Arrow Contact Typlo for a Domain Transfer Code/for other severe problems
Arrow Lost your Founder password?
Arrow Complaint against a forum
Arrow Maximum Security for your forums
Arrow Rescue tool/Back up tool for your forum
Arrow How to clear your cache
Arrow My forum was hacked, what to do?
Arrow Forumotion Limits

Please click on the link that says 'My Forum was hacked, what to do?' and follow some tips/instructions provided on it.

And is the founder of the forum still alive? He can still restore the forum/admins, bans(w/c means the bans will be removed) by performing a back up on the forum, click on the link above that says 'Rescue tool/back up tool' and follow further instructions. See if it helps.

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