New pattern of Advertisements on my Forum ??

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New pattern of Advertisements on my Forum ??

Post by Nomee on February 15th 2011, 12:31 pm


Well hope all of you will be fine,

I recently working on my forum & there i see a change that all the html links which have been added in my forum like I just Redirect those links in this manner.

Click Here to get this thing

There were no advertisements over there before but now when i click on any text ( Html links ) & when i redirect to another page my members first redirect to the Ads page & than redirect to that page whom i want to be. ( after clicking on "" Skip AD "" ).

Well I just say that is this option is being displayed by Forumotion or something else because many of my members when redirect to Ad page they feel that the Original page has been moved or not available ( because i received emails from them that your links are not working over there ). Though I know how to redirect to original page & definitely many of the members know too but majority do not know how to redirect from Ads page to the page which i want to redirect them.

So It create a problem for many members , I don,t know what should I do so please lemme know how can I get rid from this ?

Here is the Link to my Forum

& this is the Exact URL which i want to redirect my members

But from now ,I do redirect to this one



Edit : Sorry due to problem in my explorer this message has posted twice. Shocked

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Re: New pattern of Advertisements on my Forum ??

Post by Sanket on February 15th 2011, 12:45 pm

Thread Garbaged.

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