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Advance Recent Post?

Post by Lee Tamotsu on May 8th 2011, 9:46 pm

Of course there is the small recent post widget, which scrolls. It is convenient, but not as convenient as I have seen done on other forums.

I've been to different forums, which aren't affiliated with Forumotion, which normally have a recent post link at the bottom of their forum. Clicking on it redirects members to a page with an detailed list of recent posts, showing the poster, what they had fully posted, and where it was from.

With the scrolling widget, we only get to see the topic and thread, even if this same thread was posted in two or more times since it was last viewed. With this advanced recent post feature, all posts are displayed, even when there are one or more posts from the same thread.

It saves members a lot of time by simply entering one link, where all the posts are displayed for them. They don't have to navigate throughout the entire forum to hunt down new posts. There are limits to the recent post feature of course, so as to avoid a never ending selection and to keep down on the amount of space/memory it may use.

The forums I've been to normally have the cut off at different pages, one was at ten pages and another was at five.

I think such a feature as this would also help, besides being really convenient to browsing, due to the forums often buggy problems. I'm referring to the glitch where old viewed topics and posts magically return to new, even if no new posts were created. Or when new topics and posts switch themselves into old topics/posts, even before members read/view them.

This also becomes an inconvenience, because potential topics and discussions can often be killed off if members aren't aware that they are being updated, or when members believe that they're entering a topic with new content only to soon find out that it's just old topics and posts.

This can even be more of a problem when forums are dedicated to RolePlays (which mine is) and members who are participating in the roleplays aren't notified of recent posts.

(I apolgoize if this has already been suggested, but I looked through the pages and stickys, and didn't happen to find it anywhere)

Lee Tamotsu

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Re: Advance Recent Post?

Post by muntu pilut on February 28th 2012, 11:06 am

I also would like to have a recent post page in my forum, does anyone know of a html script so I can copy and paste it into a html page and then link it on the forum?

muntu pilut
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Re: Advance Recent Post?

Post by Jophy on November 3rd 2013, 11:40 am

Suggestion section clean up (11/ 3/ 2013)

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