"Rival" forum sets trolls on the loose

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"Rival" forum sets trolls on the loose

Post by Reeve on June 1st 2011, 10:58 pm

Hello. I'm the administrator of an educational forum for teens and young adults. Its community has been praised for their intellect and ethos, and many teachers across the country have shown it to their students as a quality place to socialize with other students. It's pretty much considered as one of the best of its kind (for the language it uses as a main language).

Lately, however, some members of another forum, and not a forumotion-provided one, registered and bluntly started trying to "convert" people to their community. Their actions were, however, heavily criticized, and in retaliation they started trolling the forum. In four long years, they were the first members I had to ban. Not that it stopped them. They keep on pestering me and actively dysphemizing the forum, plus they have threatened to hack it...

Aren't their actions actively against the interests of Forumotion? In theory, at least?

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Re: "Rival" forum sets trolls on the loose

Post by TGC HARDC0RE on June 1st 2011, 11:04 pm

i find your forum to sound very interesting can you pm the link please, thank you.

EDIT: Ban them and there ip also there email address, maybe censor there websites name so they can't register with user names of there site.

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