we beg for your forgiveness and help..

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we beg for your forgiveness and help..

Post by Tropica on Thu 7 Jul - 3:33

We beg for your mercy and forgiveness. People can do wrong, but people may realise the quilty and try to recover that, even the God may give the forgiveness and a chance.

A little part of our member has done wrong with make a section contains pornography related content that only accessed with minimum posting requirement, and I just ignored it ( I am not agree but I just ignored it, and it is wrong), I have done wrong. But the quilty of me and a little part of our members give the negative effect of whole LGBT community in our country with banning to our forum.

Our forum has been a legal LGBT organization in our country and has been the part/member of some other legal internasional LGBT organization. This is very important for us, as the LGBT community in our country.

In the name of LGBT community, expecially from our country, we beg for your forgiveness and help. Our forum has been the part of our life, not just my life for the struggling the equality of the rights of LGBT community in our country.

In the name of God, we promise to take care better our forum, make better from any bad (porn) pics. Please consider to unban, in the name of LGBT community in our country.

Thank you very very much.

( I am very sorry to make this topic again because the last topic is locked, https://help.forumotion.com/t92812-helppp-our-forum-is-lost-gone-dissapeared-missing-just-now)


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Re: we beg for your forgiveness and help..

Post by MrMario on Thu 7 Jul - 3:37

Not going to happen. Godfather told you its not allowed and that you didn't respect the Terms of Service. In that case this case is closed. Don't open another topic about this again.

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