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Post by UmxOwnz on August 13th 2011, 6:53 am

Ok i wanted to know if there was like a "Gold" subscription thing? Like i set it up for peoople who buy gold.

If you dont know what gold it then its like 5$ a month gets you hidden forums and downloads and things like that.

And was just woundering if you could set up a subscription to do it for you and things like that.


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Re: Help/suggestion?

Post by Darren1 on August 13th 2011, 1:01 pm


The answer is yes, but there's no 1 click solution, however, Ill put the solution that is possible.

1) Set up a way to donate, for example, through PayPal, and get the member/s to PM you and verify their paypal donation.
2) Make a new group, Admin panel >> Users & groups > Groups control > Create new > Name "Gold Members" auto subscribe = NO, the rest is your choice.
Not that the group has to be open or closed for any colours to take affect Wink
3) Create, or alter the permissions of the forums you desire, by create new by clicking on Add or changing the permissions of a current forum by clicking on Perms and only allow the desired group "Gold members" to see, post, ect in it.
Note that ALL Admins can see ALL forums, categories and posts in your forum
Now save.

Finally, add in any members to the group above and your right to go Smile

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