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Post by Sho Minamimoto August 12th 2011, 4:43 pm

Choice of the category: Games and rpg
Choice of a title: The Ug
Forum address:
Main language: English
Forum description: The Ug 999-the-world-ends-with-you

The Reaper's Game, a game where death is life and erasure is death. Here at the Ug we pride ourselves with playing The Game. Survive 7 Days, eliminate the Game Master, and you win. However, if you happen to fail, your character is "erased" from the current Game and cannot post in the rp till the current Game has concluded. This site is mainly an Rp site, and we here at The Ug do not take matters lightly. 1 Infraction= Warning
2 Infractions= 7day Ban and Restrictions placed on offending user's profile.
3 Infractions= 14 Day ban, removal from all groups and removal of Rank, and Heavy Restrictions placed on offending user's profile.
4 Infractions= Permaban and Deletion of Offending user's posts/profile (This is an ip ban).

All in all we talk have fun and play around.

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