The "perfect" forum presentation

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The "perfect" forum presentation

Post by Wiegraf on September 30th 2006, 1:33 am

Hello everybody

To help you with your forums promotion, here is how we would promote the Forumotion support forum (for example).

Important : This type of presentation isn't obligatory, but we recommend you present you forum this way, because remember : the better your presentation is, the more members you get Wink

The Forum of the Forums

Choice of Category: Computers and Internet
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: This forum was created to give support to people having trouble with their Forumotion forum

Administrators: Typlo, Luky
Global Moderators: Eximma, Jalokim, MrMario, Nessa
Support Moderators: ankillien, Kirk, RoNo, Sanket
Graphic Designers: Beno, tanix20010
Reviewers: Rok
Officials: The Godfather, Beniguane, Canceo, Typlo

About Forumotion
Arrow Rules & important points
Arrow Announcements / Updates
Arrow Frequently Asked Questions
Arrow Tricks & tips
Support forum
Arrow Connection problems
Arrow Script (code) problems
Arrow Administration panel, credits and domain names problems
Arrow Manage the appearance of your forum
Arrow Other problems
Arrow Need of a technician ?
Other Services
Arrow support
Arrow Graphic design section
Arrow Forum Reviews
Arrow Suggestion section
Arrow Forum promotion (Forumotions only)
Arrow General Discussions


Forum Overview:


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