help with wingets and nav bar

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help with wingets and nav bar

Post by apsik on November 10th 2011, 7:53 pm


I have so many questions, even dont know from which 1 to start.

1 question:
Its posible to move my navigation bar upper, right under the forum logo?

My forum page looking now like this

and here is my " photoshoped" variant of what i want to see

2 question:
When i added the wingets on the forum it started looking kinda messy. Its posible to make all my wingets be in the same level with my Forum module ?

its looking now like this

and here is my " photoshoped" variant of what i want to see

3 question:
also as you can see on my forum : Click Me on the wingets i added some " lights" and they are blinking all the time, how i can make them blinking only when my cursor is moving on them?

4. question.
why my Calendar dont show the curent date ? i did everything step by step as its typed in the Guides, but still nothing.

i use phpBB2

Thanks for your time, hope someone can help me out.

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Re: help with wingets and nav bar

Post by Sanket on November 10th 2011, 7:55 pm

Hello apsik, Can you please change the title of your problem from something like “Help, Urgent, Few questions, Problems, SOS” to something more related to your query/problem.

Your changing the title to something related to the problem will help users who will use the search feature on this forum to solve a similar problem. This way, your problem will be a solution for someone else’s problem.

Please confirm with the requirement to get help from members as well as staff.
Members are advised to confirm with this requirement & avoid helping unless the title is changed.

Your co-operation will help us in making this forum efficient. Thank you.


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