Sudden Ban & Report

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Sudden Ban & Report

Post by Prince_Charming_ on November 10th 2011, 9:27 pm

Hello! I just yesterday registered at a fan forum of an actor

this one here

I had a chat with the members and quickly saw that they are no real fans and spoke badly about the actors family, and a few accounts on Twitter; I had a feeling one of the administrators was impersonating the actor on Twitter and contacted her about it but she said nothing to it and then banned me off the forum without a word. I would like to report the forum for abusive content and illegal doings. They deleted all the posts so I can't give proofs and also now they hid the whole forum to the publicly! My account is still in the memberslist, Prince_Charming. but as I said I was blocked by IP, because I found out too much it seems.

Just wanted to let you guys now, you should check it!!

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Re: Sudden Ban & Report

Post by kirk on November 10th 2011, 10:23 pm

You have to make reports to forumotion Litigation's.
We do not have anything to do with reports on the support forum, we only do tech support.
But feel free to make your report here.

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