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The new ban panel 5 5 2

The new ban panel

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The new ban panel

Post by Luky on November 1st 2009, 6:29 pm

The new Ban panel


The new panel for banning gives admins the ability to ban members based on 3 criteria : the username / e-mail / IP address and specifying in advance a date to unban.

On that date, the member is automatically unbanned.
This panel also allows access to all the banned members with the option to unban members individually or in mass.

How does it works?

You simply visit it:

Admin Panel > Users & Groups > Users > Ban control

The feature is separated into 3 tabs:

- Ban a user

- Ban an e-mail address

- Ban an IP address

Using these tabs you can manage bans via the username, e-mail and IP address.
The interface is the same for all 3 tabs, the only change is the name what you ban.

The first part is to search: you simply enter the username of the member you want to ban, click the "Search" button and depending on the tab you are on, you can select the e-mail, IP or just the username.

The second part is for the ban: when your search is done, simply click on the highlighted link in the results of your search and specify a ban period, and a reason (optional), and finally click "Add".

The third part is for unbanning: if you banned someone by mistake, or if you think the ban is for too long, check the IP, e-mail address or username you want, and click "unban".

Now you will be safe from spammers, flooders and disruptions of any kind.

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