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Javascript no longer works in posts?

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Javascript no longer works in posts?

Post by Kestrana on March 20th 2011, 12:13 am

I searched the forums to see if anyone else had encountered this problem, but couldn't find any related threads or posts.

I have a few informational "pages" posted as threads. Some of them are extremely long and I used a Javascript to allow sections to be expanded and collapsed. I haven't checked the pages in a while, so I'm not sure when they stopped working, but the links no longer expand and collapse their sections.

This is my current code:
<script type="text/javascript">
function unhide(divID) {
  var item = document.getElementById(divID);
  if (item) {

<a href="javascript:unhide('container1');"><b>Expand Container 1</b></a><div id="container1" class="hidden">Container 1's content goes here.</div>

Now, when I check the source code of the page, the link's equals sign has been converted to its number code (& #61; - minus the space between the & and the # to prevent conversion) and, of course, the link doesn't work. This ONLY happens if the word "javascript" is in the href attribute.

For example:
<a href& #61;"javascript:unhide('container1');">

Did Forumotion change something to prevent the use of Javascript in posts? If so, is there an alternative that I can use, or am I just stuck with hugely long posts?


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