Happy Mother's Day to all Forumotion's moms !

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Happy Mother's Day to all Forumotion's moms !

Post by Shadow on May 11th 2012, 5:28 pm

Happy Mother's Day to all Forumotion's moms !

Hello Friends Hello

This sunday, we're celebrating the mommies all over the world for their devotion and the love they give to their children ! flower

We honor our mothers also, by inviting you to visit or register on 4 of our best forums for mums.

Fitmoms.forumotion.com : Making Fitness Our Lifestyle

Simplymom.canadian-forum.com : Moms from Southern Ontario, Canada

Landofmom.forumotion.com : Land of Mom !

Thecheesecakeclud.net : For Moms, Step Moms, Moms to be, Want to be Moms, Friends

Mommies, you are the stars of the week-end and remember that you're doing the best job in the world !
Have a great Mothers Day and take care ! Wink I love you

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