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Creating New Profile

Post by nextlevelgaming on June 27th 2012, 6:05 am

Hey everyone,

I am making a new profile area for my members,

there are a few things i would like to add and would like your help doing if so possible... I would like to add a status section, I have a profile widget on my forum, well atleast the code still working on it. I want it to be able to update their status whenever they are on. So example


Today {USER_NAME} is... their own text

Also since my forum is for my gaming clan id like a function where they can do something like this

Today {USER_NAME} is playing...set game from drop down menu

Is this possible?

Also for the profile,

Like i said i want an easier way of viewing their friends on the forum. So when the click friends, it list their friends with their avatars in it, Im sure this is done by manipulating a code already in store. Adding alittle more, and making it its own page link. If someone could help with this this would be greatly appreciated...

Also is there a way I can make a widget where once the member logins an image appears on right or left side, Simple image that says MESSAGES and with a code make it add numbers, persay 1 for 1 new message etc.

I only have i believe 22 members which is fine for me because its a clan based site and we do grow. But I'm trying to make this an easy experience for my members, my leader asked me to do this. He would also like a new members widget.

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