New Features: Toolbar, Notifications

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New Features: Toolbar, Notifications

Post by runawayhorses on February 7th 2013, 4:41 pm

I noticed the "Connection of a friend to the forum" the toolbar did not send a notification to me when 2 of my friends logged in this morning. I was already online and logged into the forum when they logged in and nothing happened. And I checked my notification settings and all of them are still default with all the boxes ticked including the "Connection of a friend to the forum".

I do not have a popup blocker enabled on the forum, so I'm not sure why it didn't send a notification.

The same thing happens on this forum its not just mine, no notification is sent on this forum either when a "Connection of a friend to the forum".

The PM notification works fine I've already received one in the toolbar.

I suggest anyone having this same issue to reply in this thread because the toolbar is new and I don't expect anyone here to have an answer to something this new, its most likely a bug that needs addressing by the technicians that created it.

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