Streamlining the Host Image window

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Change the image host copy buttons to insert buttons to insert the bbcode directly into the new post.

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Streamlining the Host Image window

Post by TasV on March 9th 2014, 2:20 pm

I have been trying to help people to use the servimg image hosting service to upload photos to my forum. I have found that after you upload the images and are presented with the three options, with a copy button at the end of each, that the copy button does not work for me in Chrome and Firefox. It also generates an alert in IE. My older members just can't get their heads around the insertion of images. It occurred to me that the process could be streamlined if the following changes were made:

Above is a quick mash up of what I was thinking.

If the copy buttons were replaced by insert buttons that would insert the code directly into the post, like the insert image function does, it would be much easier to use.

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Re: Streamlining the Host Image window

Post by Jophy on May 15th 2014, 8:36 am

Suggestion clean up

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