Updating Post E-Mails & View by Mobile Devices

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In progress Updating Post E-Mails & View by Mobile Devices

Post by xxxTristamxxx on February 4th 2015, 4:04 pm

These are questions then a problems....

(1) Will forum posts send out e-mails of forum updates?  Meaning, if I post something will everyone who subscribes to the topic will get an e-mail or pm indicating that topic X has an update and can members reply to that?

(2) Can the forums and e-mails be view via mobile devise?


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In progress Re: Updating Post E-Mails & View by Mobile Devices

Post by Derri on February 7th 2015, 2:38 pm

1) Yes if someone has subscribed or posted in that topic they'll get an email. They can also subscribe to an entire forum if they want.

They can however disable this option via their profile or by clicking 'stop watching this topic' link located at the bottom of the topic

2) Yes although the mobile version might not work on very old phones that are more than 4 or so years old. However they'll still be able to view the forum but they won't see the mobile version.

(You get two versions, one is the mobile version which allows faster loading as its basically a very basic way of posting and doing things, you'll see it when you access your forum. You then get 'classic mode' which is your forum how it would look if you were connecting via PC)


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