How to use a Twitter Card on your forum?

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How to use a Twitter Card on your forum?

Post by Shadow on May 25th 2015, 3:03 pm

How to use a Twitter Card on your forum?
This tutorial explains how Twitter Cards works for your free forum following the announcement made about the new feature: announcement link

What is Twitter Card?

Twitter cards correspond to the information below some Tweets. Our team worked in order to automatically include this tag on each forum. To benefit from those additional information, a specific tag must be on the website code. This tag is very closed to the one already set up on your forum to get your forum info while sharing on Facebook:

Twitter cards offer to users detailed information about a site through the tweet.

Example of the support:

How to set up Twitter Card on your forum?

Right now, Twitter Cards are available for all Forumotion forums without any code modification Mr. Green
Delete Warning: So that your Twitter Card be active, there is only one step. You've to validate the domain (See next point)

Additional option: Please note, we had a new field to link your forum to its Twitter account (Forum Twitter account if you created an according for your forum) via the administrative panel.

Just enter your Admin Panel>> Modules>> Social networks>> Twitter

Then, enter the username of your Twitter account and validate:

There is no modification to make on your forum to enjoy this new option, let's tweet! Laughing


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