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Achievements system icons

Post by Anzo on September 30th 2015, 10:41 pm

Hi, Very Happy

I was thinking, is it possible to create a specific JS that would allow - by consistently editing it - to add small icons (30x30) to the bottom of users signatures? Like part of their signature they cannot edit or change and can only be edited through the AP?

I have an award system in my forum. When a user do something unique or achieve something they earn an icon. usually that icon is display this way in their profiles:

We created a new profile field for each of these icons, but as you see, it's full of errors and things like that. There is a blank space between each icon which is really annoying. Also, the profile page is extremely big for that purpose.

I believe if there is a way to add icons to user's profiles through some kind of a code it'd be really cool.

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