Mobile registration page pt2

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Mobile registration page pt2

Post by mcdk on February 26th 2016, 6:52 pm

Hello everyone ,

A little while ago I tried to create a registration page which will be fit for the mobile version.
This is my old topic which was locked :
I gave up all this , because I was writing exams and now Im Back.
So @Ace please give me some feedback here.
Very simple , I want to put in my dropdown mobile menu a register link.
As you told me in the old topic , I was going to search in the mobile template->overall header->{NAV_CAT_DESC} and put there a link.
However this link is not put into the dropdown and it is mixed withing my forum name , so the result is not wanted.
If Im right , I cannot put the link in the dropdown BUT...
Can I place an icon left top corner which will be visible only to GUESTS , so to register?
And this should be only in the first page of my forum , because if you navigate into a specific category , then on the upper left corner there is the back arrow.


I generated a simple form which user will put the username , the email and the password to register.
So , what I want? I want when the user submits the form , not to redirect me to the DESKTOP version of my site to re-enter the password.
I want to ask about 2 options.The first one , is if we can make a page for the mobile version that will ask for user to re-enter the password ...OR
Remove from both versions the "re-enter" password page , so when the user submits my register mobile form , will be redirected in the main mobile vesion forum , to login.

Please help me.



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