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Mobile Registration page / New Mobile Theme Version

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In progress Mobile Registration page / New Mobile Theme Version

Post by dimitris95 November 2nd 2016, 2:08 pm

Hello guys!!

I haven't been using my forumotion forum for a while during my university studies so I've missed some news.
To be more specific , I mean about the new-modern mobile version which we can use.
Well , what is my topic about.
I had designed a very good appearance (with css) for my mobile forum.
However , the fact that forumotion didn't support a while ago , mobile cool feautures such as registration , avatars , view user profile etc. didn't let my forum grow a lot , as the mobile user experience was not the best.
But now , as I see with new mobile version , everything has changed.
So , what is my question. Can I adjust my previous css design(colors) with new/modern version of mobile theme?So it will be able to support registration and all the other cool stuff?
Or if this is not possible , can i as least use a registration page with the classic mobile version forum?
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In progress Re: Mobile Registration page / New Mobile Theme Version

Post by SLGray November 2nd 2016, 8:02 pm

Mobile Registration page / New Mobile Theme Version Slgray10

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