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In progress Manual prune

Post by PurpleTears on August 6th 2016, 4:45 pm

I know there was a way to manually prune threads in my forum. I cant seem to remember how can someone help please?


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In progress Re: Manual prune

Post by APE on August 6th 2016, 6:33 pm


Yes there is away to prune threads your self to do this make sure you have a Trash can / Recycle Bin

Now on your forum you have some Admin / mods tools at the bottom of your threads Topic's
I icons may look a little like this or you may have your own looking buttons

Now on this forum its the little trash can looking button ..when you click that it will then add your thread's you pick to your trash can and then it will be pruned.

if you don't have a trash can made already then you need to do the following steps to make one.
Making a trash can:
ACP    General Tab  Forum Categories and forums
make a category name it what ever fits your forum most.

Now do the same again but make it a forum not a     category. Then set it to locked so no one can post or make a new topic.

Now your Done.


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